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  • Jhawilal Poudel

Hey Mom, am I not your child?

Why don't you accept me as a normal child?

Why do you put me in a cage?

Am I not a human being like you?

Hey dad, am I not a person?

Why do my friends shun me?

Am I an ugly creature?

Why don’t people accept my status?

Hey brother, am I not your sibling?

Why don’t you play with me?

Our parents are the same, yet why aren't we?

You are free to do everything you like but I’m not

Hey sir, am I not your student as other are?

Why don't I have a seat in your classroom?

Am I not good enough to have one?

What is my real identity in this society?

Please give me a chance to change

I can change the world as you can

My body structure is not different from yours

I can do everything that you can do

Please, let me be with you

It's neither my mistake nor it is yours

My hormones have changed but my mind has not

I too have feelings like you do

Please let me fly in the open sky

I want to be a bird with wings

I want be water

If you can cross boundaries, so can I

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Bijay Kafle
Bijay Kafle
2022-07-01 8:06 pm

Thik xa 👌💞

रिलेटेड न्युज

छुटाउनुभयो कि ?